Mid-20th century radio pirates broadcast Forbidden Rock-n-Roll, Soul, and Jazz from ships at sea or hidden locations ashore…

And forever changed Music, News and Information. Now, Pyrate Radio will rock the world again, riding the wave of Digital HD radio!The Pyrate Radio crew has a world of talent in broadcast and music.

Pyrate Radio is following the proven broadcast business model, now enhanced to deliver programming to a worldwide audience with state-of-the-art cloud-based technology.

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Pyrate Radio is a gathering place for fans of ‘Trop Rock’ and boat songs.

Pyrate is not a ‘choose-your-song’ streaming service, but rather the work product of some of the best radio Program Directors and station managers in broadcasting.
Over 90% of Americans and Europeans frequently listen to broadcast radio, encouraged by the worldwide migration from FM to HD digital broadcast. This shift is complete in Europe, but just beginning in North America.
Pyrate Radio programming is designed to provide HD Digital programming from the cloud to broadcasters and online listeners at up to 5G speeds. Programming is delivered entirely through the ‘cloud’ for high reliability.
The Pyrate Radio crew has a world of talent in broadcast and music. Pyrate Radio is a proven broadcast business model, but deliver programming in a new, musician friendly way.

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Pyrate Radio is owned and operated by experienced sailors, real radio guys, and those “Living the Dream” and loving the music. Pyrate is a major leap forward with the implementation of cloud-based technology and quality designed for major market broadcast.


Welcome Pyrate Crew and Let’s Rock the world!  We’ll Make digital waves in HD Radio!

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