Pyrate Radio can put Your advertising directly in front of the affluent ‘out of home’ holiday and yachting market.

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Pyrate state-of-the-art cloud servers stream to Over 30,000 listeners in the USA, Canada, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands, and much of the Caribbean and Central America. Pyrate Radio affiliated FM stations cover over 25 islands from the Florida Keys to the Tobago Cays totaling with over 500,000 ‘out of home’ listeners. Hotels and marinas use Pyrate as the music played around the pool, on the docks, and in the tike bar. Thousands of cruising yachts are avid and loyal listeners.

Targeted print media promoting provides advertisers another opportunity to reach a specific demographic or geographic area. Pyrate is pleased to partner with several travel magazines, yacht cruising guides, professional mariner’s publications, high-end yacht and condominium market publications, and island real estate magazines.

More than 5 million of the 35-65+ ‘gray hair and gold credit card’ population reside seasonally or permanently in the warm climes like southern Florida, The Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Virgin Islands, all Islands of the Caribbean and Central America. Previously lost to the category ‘out of home’ broadcast demographic, Pyrate brings them home again! Their spending drives the resort & marine industry in yacht sales, charter, rigging, fabrication, supplies, hardware, marine electronics, shipyards, sails, canvas, provisioning, hull repair, maintenance, marine engine repair, maintenance; marinas, and dry storage; as well as ancillary services such as airlines, restaurants, rental cars, and retail shops. Recreational & Marine expenditures in Florida and the Caribbean annually exceed US$20 billion! This affluent group supplies over half of all economic activity in the Caribbean and Florida!


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